Left/Right-handed clothing?
Published on February 28, 2005 By jrobinson In Health & Medicine
It just occured to me, that todays clothing industry is still stuck in Victorian times, in some ways. In particular, the right/left-handed zipper/buttons thing. Mens clothing gets zippers that can be done up right-handed, ie the flap of cloth over the zipper is on the left, leaving it accessible from the right. Womens is the opposite way around, this was originally because women didn't dress themselves, but got dressed by their servants, and thus the zipper/buttons/whatever were right-handed from the outside, rather than the inside.

A century later, this practice is still happening, why? I've been putting on my own clothes most of my life, as have most people here, I assume, I actually find it a lot easier to don mens jeans, because I'm extremely right-handed. So, why doesn't the industry drop this daftness, and just produce clothing for men and women, in both left and right-handed vareities?

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