.. or community book collecting
Published on January 21, 2005 By jrobinson In Books
I wasnt sure whether to post this in Internet->Websites, or Books, but acttually I'm more interested in opinions from the book side of things .. soo..

First of all, has anybody seen or heard of a community website, that is about books? There are plenty that sell books, and have lots of information about them, but the listing of ones own books, and discussion, generally takes a back seat.

I was discussing this recently with some friends on PerlMonks, and since we haven't heard of such a site, I decided to attempt to make one. The idea goes as follows: Each site user gets a virtual 'bookshelf', upon which they can place virtual copies of books they own (or have read, or wish to read). They can rate each book, they can make notes about it, visible to just themselves, or to other users. They can start discussions about books, or about genres. They can get information on other books their favourite authors have written, they can check if they have all the books in a series, and so on..

My basic usage of such a site would be to see what books I have easily (sorted by genre, author and so on), and to see others opinions of them.

I have started on a design already, of the database stuff anyway, web interfaces are not my forte, so hopefully I'll get help with that.

Any opinions, suggestions, sites that do this that I have missed.. etc?


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